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Singapore’s Preferred Chemistry Home Tuition

Help your child reach their full potential at school with personalised tuition services from Connect. We offer home tuition services in science at the primary level and in chemistry, biology and physics at the secondary level. Our tutors are well versed in the Singapore curriculum for these subjects and will work closely with your child to help them achieve academic success, confidence, and a newfound passion for the sciences.

Science home tuition that will help your child grasp core concepts

Although they all fall under the category of science, chemistry, biology and physics require very different skill sets. While biology demands an understanding of life structures and the ability to memorise key facts and processes, physics is far more abstract and requires students to grasp concepts rather than material information. Chemistry is perhaps the most demanding of the sciences and requires students understand concepts and how these concepts are applied in the real world. This is often a challenge for students as it combines mathematics and scientific reasoning.

More often than not, the reason students will struggle in subjects like chemistry comes down to a lack of foundational learning which helps them understand not only the core concepts of whatever science they are studying, but also how to study for it. This is where tuition can be of assistance as during home sessions a tutor can work one on one with their pupil to ensure they grasp all the basic principles of their chosen science and identify their key weaknesses. Once this has happened, the student will be able to draw upon the basic principles of chemistry, to solve more complex problems and will be more confident as the subject advances. With our science home tuition, you can expect to see academic results after only a few months as your child becomes more adept at applying theories and engaging in advanced problem solving.

To learn more about the home tuition services we offer in biology, chemistry and physics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the online enquiry form or by calling +65 645 441 12.