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Get Private Maths Tuition at Home in Singapore

Radically improve your child’s academic performance and improve their confidence in this challenging subject with help from professional tutors. Although it is ruled by logic and formulas, maths can be a confusing and challenging subject which intimidates many students. When students lack a good foundation in mathematical understanding, they often struggle as the subject branches out and becomes more compels. Ultimately, this leads to many students hating mathematics and dispensing with it as soon as possible.

However, maths plays a crucial role in the development of logical thinking and forms the basis of many career paths. In Singapore, maths is a central facet of the education system and a strong understanding of the principles of mathematics is essential to a well-rounded education. If your child is struggling in maths, then it’s important to get them personalised tuition where your child can be coached through the aspects of mathematics they struggle most in and gain a newfound confidence in the subject.

IB and IP home tuition to help students achieve academic success in mathematics

Connect Tuition is proud to offer an expert team of IB and IP maths tutors who have all the necessary skills and experience to help your child achieve academic success. During private tuition sessions at home our educators will work at your child’s pace, ensuring they have a confident grasp of each concept before moving onto more advanced applications and formulas. Out private maths tutors recognise that every child learns differently and will adjust their teaching style accordingly to provide support and accommodate the best learning style for your child’s needs. We offer IP home tuition in maths at both the primary and secondary levels with experience tutors who are well versed in the Singapore education curriculum.

To learn more about the maths home tuition services Connect Tuition provides to Singapore students, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us +65 645 441 12 or by using the online enquiry form. We are dedicated to supporting students and helping them achieve academic success at both the primary and secondary levels.